with intrapreneuring I empower
corporate entrepreneurship

Being a passionate entrepreneur
for 10 years,

I specialize in executing digital innovation to turn ideas into products, services and process improvements.

Having built and established digital companies that changed industries or were integrated into large organizations, I grew to be an intrapreneur as well, boosting change and innovation within those.

I am convinced, that the skills and the mindset of an entrepreneur are the answer to the unpredictability of today´s economy.

That´s why I develop, drive, and evaluate corporate innovation projects either as (interim) project manager, facilitator or coach.

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Experience as founder in digital startups
Lean & agile project management
Entrepreneurial business development
Kpi-based online marketing & product improvement
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what others say about me

Christopher is a successful entrepreneur and a reputable intrapreneur

Prof. Dr. Christian Scheiner, University of Lübeck, Chair of Entrepreneurship

Christopher is the kind of guy who gathers ideas, grooms a feasible concept, mobilizes resources and takes the next step

Harald Schnabel, Executive Manager at Munich Re

Christopher is like a one-person project accelerator

Matthias Notz, Managing Director, German Entrepreneurship GmbH

my decade-long rollercoaster – from greenfield to now

my working ethos
as intrapreneur and entrepreneur



I believe in lean structures and processes to empower self-organization and decision making.

I don´t like administrative bureaucracy, I don´t like wasting time in endless meetings and I do not work on detailed presentations and concepts that nobody reads.



I believe in rapid time-to-market to make mistakes early and learn fast.

I don´t like to wait around, I test hypothesis as fast as I can and I re-work conceptswhen necessary – at any stage of the project.



I believe in transparent collaboration with customers as well business partners and experts.

I learned to consult users at the beginning of a project and I love to work with  my ever-growing network. Common goals equal win-win situations..

some examples of who I’ve worked with as an intrapreneur