with intrapreneuring I empower
corporate innovation

enabling organizations – and the people within – to boost change and innovation projects utilizing entrepreneurial methods and mindset

Being a passionate entrepreneur
for 10 years,

I specialize in executing digital innovation to turn ideas into scalable products, services and process improvements.

Having built and established digital companies that changed industries or were integrated into large organizations, I grew to be an intrapreneur as well, boosting change and innovation as interim project and program manager, as workshop lead or as sparring partner.

I am obsessed with the literal blanc canvas and I am convinced, that the mindset of battle-tested entrepreneurs combined with the proven methods of startups and fast growing companies are necessary capabilities to leverage the huge assets of corporations pragmatically.

That´s why I utilize methods like Scrum (agile PM)Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design to increase the speed of customer, product and business development process and the quality of its output – with as little money wasted a possible.

I also partner up with innovation managers to support them in developing, scaling and sustaining their innovation ecosystem.



Projects featured in

Experience as founder in digital startups
Lean & agile project management
Entrepreneurial business model development
Kpi-driven customer and product development
Corporate expertise

what others say about me

I blush, but you get the picture

“Christopher is a successful entrepreneur and a reputable intrapreneur”

Prof. Dr. Christian Scheiner, University of Lübeck, Chair of Entrepreneurship

“We were empowered to work like a startup would do: customer-centric, iterative and straightforward”

Harald Schnabel, Executive Manager at Munich Re

“Christopher is like a one-person project accelerator”

Matthias Notz, Managing Director, German Entrepreneurship GmbH

been there. done that. and still curious

during 10 years as entrepreneur and intrepreneur, I grew to be a battle-tested digital doer – see for example:

(Please reach out for a complete reference list.)

my working ethos
as intrapreneur and entrepreneur

as an entrepreneur I follow these three principles I learned during the battles I fought


I believe in lean structures and processes to empower self-organization and decision making.

I don´t like administrative bureaucracy, I don´t like wasting time in endless meetings and I do not work on detailed presentations and concepts that nobody reads.


I believe in rapid time-to-market to make mistakes early and learn fast.

I don´t like to wait around, I test hypothesis as fast as I can and I re-work concepts when necessary – at any stage of the project.


I believe in transparent collaboration with customers as well business partners and experts.

I learned to consult users at the beginning of a project and I love to work with my ever-growing network. Common goals equal win-win situations.

some examples of who I've worked with as an intrapreneur

I’m proud to be active for several DAX companies, while not being able to disclose all

Munich Re Group  / OSRAM GmbH / TRUMPF GMBH & CO KG / R&V Insurance  / Allianz Group

let´s walk the talk together

I’m a curious guy, so just reach out to me for references

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