I join forces with corporate innovators in 6 different roles

to build intrapreneurship programs and digital business applying my entrepreneurial experience & toolkit

Innovation Method

Update your skillset and train your trainers! I developed a training, perfectly suited for corporate innovators: In 1-5 days we´ll decode buzzwords (from disruption to agile), we try out the “best-of” selection of tools (from Business Model Canvas to Experiment Reports) and we follow the journey of an idea from impulse to scale up. Finally, we look at the most common pitfalls and recent trends in designing innovation programs. You’ll walk away well equipped to further develop yourself and your organization.

Participants: CDO, Head of Innovation, Innovation Managers (to-be), Innovation Project Managers (to-be)

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Why: Sufficient knowledge and hands-on experience is essential if you want to make well informed decisions in the buzzword-loaded innovation theatre. 


Innovation Sprint Workshop

Boost your innovation project! I´m routined in facilitating innovation sprints – especially in three key phases of projects, that require focussed action: The Kick-off (to set the scope and prepare for customer exploration); The Problem-Solution fit (to derive essential learnings, assess the fit and start MVP-Building and soft launch), The Product-Market fit (to derive essential metrics to track, assess the criteria and plan the scale up)


Innovation Project

Navigate through madness! Innovation is not easy – and corporate structures add another layer of complexity. I´m your person to count on in this constant state of uncertainty (innovators called me their mentor, advisor or a sparring partner – your choice). You can leverage my experience and network as serial entrepreneur, serial intrapreneur and coach to avoid pitfalls for yourself, for your team and for your product. 


Innovation Project Lead

Hire an entrepreneurial lead! I’ve been there. I’ve done that – and I’m still very curious. I can take over entrepreneurial lead from day 0 to drive an innovation project from ideation via discovery of customer needs and iterating prototypes until a suitable solution is rolled out and ready to be scaled further. When everything is set an execution team (that have been trained on the job) can can take over to reintegrate.


Manager Advisor

Keep your innovation program cutting edge! I join forces with innovation managers to co-create, refine and scale innovation programs with a measurable impact for your company. Doing so in different roles within different organizations I learned to discover early indicators for problems and to focus on the actions that solve your biggest constraints. Normaly those trace back to: Fundamental missunderstandings in alligning with the organization; A lack of the ability to refine programs themselfes; To much methods artefacts, to less customer tested prototypes


Innovation Program

Start your internal program tomorrow! When designing a program, I prefer to take responsibility as interim lead during first implementation phase to run and refine it together with you until a you or a manager we scouted and trained can take over.

Which is not easy. A innovation program manager must be entrepreneurial enough to refine his program like if it was a product, experienced enough to equip the teams with everything they need, and mannerly enough to develop internals stakeholders.


what others say about me

I blush, but you get the picture
“Christopher is a successful entrepreneur and a reputable intrapreneur”
Prof. Dr. Christian Scheiner, University of Lübeck, Chair of Entrepreneurship
“We were empowered to work like a startup would do: customer-centric, iterative and straightforward”
Harald Schnabel, Executive Manager at Munich Re
“Christopher is like a one-person project accelerator”
Matthias Notz, Managing Director, German Entrepreneurship GmbH

Being an entrepreneur since 10 years,

I specialized in executing digital innovation from scratch, turning rough ideas into impact (products, services, programs, strategies or business models.

Without blushing I can say that I´m a battle-tested digital entrepreneur, experienced in all aspects of this playground. Mainly these are project and product management, digital marketing, customer development and business development.

Against all odds, I have built and established digital companies that changed industries or were integrated into large organizations.

When the company I was CEO of got acquired by a Fortune500, I also grew to be an intrapreneur. Since then, I joined forces with established organizations in different positions.

Doing so, I developed my own, very pragmatic way of using innovation methods like Design ThinkingLean Startup, the Business Model Canvas (amongst others), Scrum & Kanban, Google Sprints and others to increase the speed of the customer, product, and business development & the quality of its output.

I love to co-create programs, projects, and trainings. Maybe next time together with you?

Experience as founder in digital startups
Lean & agile project management
Entrepreneurial business model development
Kpi-driven customer and product development
Corporate expertise

Projects featured in:

been there. done that. and still curious

during 10 years as entrepreneur and intrepreneur, I grew to be a battle-tested digital doer – see for example:

(Please reach out for a complete reference list.)

my working ethos
as intrapreneur and entrepreneur

as an entrepreneur I follow these three principles I learned during the battles I fought


I believe in lean structures and processes to empower self-organization and decision making.

I don´t like administrative bureaucracy, I don´t like wasting time in endless meetings and I do not work on detailed presentations and concepts that nobody reads.


I believe in rapid time-to-market to make mistakes early and learn fast.

I don´t like to wait around, I test hypothesis as fast as I can and I re-work concepts when necessary – at any stage of the project.


I believe in transparent collaboration with customers as well business partners and experts.

I learned to consult users at the beginning of a project and I love to work with my ever-growing network. Common goals equal win-win situations.

some examples of who I've worked with as an intrapreneur

I’m proud to be active for several Fortune500 and “Mittelstand” companies, while not being able to disclose all

Munich Re Group  / OSRAM GmbH / TRUMPF GMBH & CO KG / Swisscom  / Robert Bosch Gmbh

let´s walk the talk together

The first step is a good conversation. I’m curious, reach out to me at any time