Founder of the leading job platform for veterinarians

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As a son of veterinarian, I grew up seeing my parents in daily confrontation with the daily hurdles of managing a major veterinarian clinic.

In 2013, during my studies, I decided to initiate and cofound Vetstage.

VETSTAGE, founded 2013, grew to be the leading online career platform for veterinarians in Germany. It was developed iteratively with students as well as professionals and provides a sophisticated and automated solution for job offerings, applicant management, and educational services. The well-established brand reaches more than 1/3 of German veterinarians via its direct channels every month. Combined with its long-lasting political and industrial partnerships, VETSTAGE is in the privileged situation to continue its rapid growth in Germany while expanding internationally.

Meanwhile, I´m less involved in daily operations.

  • Tasks: Ideation, Strategy, Roll-Out Management, Project management & Operations, Marketing, PR, Business Development, Funding
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