Founder of a successful pet insurance platform – acquired by Allianz group

Beitrag Teilen:

With a decent track record as a digital entrepreneur within the pet market, I co-founded and ran a company, which successfully sells pet health insurances online via several platforms as part of a multi-channel sales funnel, in late 2013. As managing director, I was responsible for product and online marketing as the company was acquired by the Allianz early in 2015.

In consequence of this acquisition, I continued to drive the project as intrapreneur to manage a successful handover to corporate structures and processes as well as to develop and implement the growth strategy.

Utilizing internal resources as well as digital freelancers from my network, I drove this corporate startup until the summer of 2015. In this time, we managed to build one of the largest dog communities within a couple of months as part of the market penetration strategy for our platforms.