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About Christopher Waldner


Wow, thanks for reading this! You seem to be really serious about intrapreneurship :) 

As „preneurs“ of any kind, we share three addictions: People, Products and Profits… (in that order). For 10 years now I´m executing digital innovation turning ideas into scalable products, services and process improvements or even strategies.

Against all odds, I have built and established digital companies that changed industries or were integrated into large organizations. By that, I grew to be an intrapreneur as well, boosting change and innovation in several (external) positions – program manager, product manager, mentor or workshop facilitator.

Literally, I am obsessed with the blanc canvas and I am convinced, that the mindset of battle-tested entrepreneurs combined with the proven methods of startups and fast growing companies are necessary to make use of the huge assets of corporations.

That’s why I learned to utilize methods like Scrum, Design Thinking and Lean Startup to increase the speed of process and the quality of the output when creating something new – be it a strategy, a process, a transformational digital product or even radical new business model.

Apart from that, I co-run a nationwide Innovation Think Tank (Under umbrella of the Foundation of the German Economy) and I love to put myself out there to challenge my thoughts with peers as speaker, author and linkedin-addict.

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